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SEO Tips for You Tube Video Content

You Tube has firmly established itself as a search engine as well as a major entertainment portal. How can you leverage the power of You Tube for your business website?
Just as with search, there are ways to use your video content to deliver traffic and qualified leads to your site. If you have original content,   set up a You Tube Channel through your Google account, and start creating your video library.

Here are some tips for video SEO. Well optimized videos will gain better search placement and views in both You Tube and Google search

  • Use Keywords- Video SEO needs optimization with target relevant keywords. Similar to the content SEO, you have to find keywords, and then use them accordingly. You must use keywords in file name too.
  •  Title- Search Engines look at the titles first. Use relevant keywords and also come up with an attention grabbing title-keeping with the theme of your site/brand
  • Tags- Make sure that you use keywords and phrases to tag your videos. Your purpose is to optimize the video for search queries that the users may type.
  • Video Files Metadata Optimization- Like you do in text SEO, here too, you can optimize your video by using relevant keywords in the metadata. Your meta descriptions must have keywords in it. Make sure to encode the keywords into your video’s meta data. Tag videos with specific keywords, you can also go by tagging each scene.
  • Use the word- video- as a keyword- People often add the word “video” in their search queries. Like people may search for- “Prince William wedding Video” or maybe “How to style your hair video” that is why, you must use ‘video’ as a keyword.
  • Get Links as well as backlinks to the video-Use the relevant keywords and phrases as the anchor text for these links. You can indulge in cross-linking to other videos from relevant web pages.
  • Create Video sitemaps / MRSS / RSS- make it easy for the search bots to find your videos and index them.
  • Create A One Video Directory- Move all of your videos into one folder and make sure to upload all your future videos to this same folder. This will allow easy access to all your videos to both bots and the visitors.
  • Avoid Flash Video Players- Search engines have difficulty in crawling flash players, so they are best avoided.
  • Optimize your URLs- Optimize your URLs so that they to contain information about the video. Also, make sure you only have one video per URL.
  • Branding – The first and the last frames are perfect for branding. You may start your video by something like- “Nature Fresh Spa presents- Make your own home spa.”
  • Go Social With Your Videos- Encourage viewers to share your videos-put it on social networking sites. Make it easy for users to share your video on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Spend time in Tweeting the video and linking to videos from social media pages.
  • Embed videos in blog posts- You may link your videos in blog posts- this will not only improve your readability, but also generate huge interest among readers, as visual media is always more appealing.Additionally, when you place a video on your site, all the above applies, plus:
    Create HTML content for the video- the video must be surrounded by HTML content. So that the search engines can get additional information from the surrounding page. You can also add a text transcript or external captions as text that you publish on the page with the video- to help the engines get more information about the video.

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