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Powerful Video Demonstrates Why Social Media is Not a Fad- But A Revolution

For anyone who thinks that Social Media Marketing is a fad or a waste of time- watch this video one our friends from Earth Studio shared with us yesterday.  These are some pretty amazing stats that surprised even me!   A year ago- I was eager to learn as much as I could in this field- so I went to bookstores to try and find resources that would teach me skills like managing a campaign on Facebook and best practices on Twitter– and the employees could find nothing. A couple of them had never even heard of Twitter.  So I relied on blogs and hands on experience to learn.

Last night, I was shopping in a mega bookstore and came across an entire section devoted to Social Media. Not Marketing, not Business, not Computers, – but the name of the section is actually Social Media.

It is very exciting to be in this field right now.  I believe this is truly a revolution- and marketing professionals and business owners are going to have to accept the old rules of marketing and PR are losing ground.  Smart businesses understand what is happening, and they are learning to adapt to our new culture.  While there is still value in traditional marketing practices today- it is essential to invest time and energy into creating effective social media campaigns to sustain in the future.   Consider the statistics presented in this video and let me know if you agree:

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