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Managing Your Social Media Life


It seems like every single day, someone emails me a link to site or an article about a new social media tool, trend or application that is supposed to make life easy and prevent SMO (Social Media Overload). As someone who practices and studies social media marketing all the time, even I find it difficult to stay on top of all of the available tools! I can only imagine how overwhelmed a business owner must feel!

If I had a magic wand to make social media marketing easy, perfect and predictable- I would probably use it often and become pretty wealthy. Until I find that magic potion or wand- here are just a few of the tools that I rely on to help me manage my social media life in some capacity.


HelloTxt is a wonderful tool to manage your social media life. I advise that you go to the site today and create an account. With HelloTxt, you can post updates to most of your social media accounts (like Linked In, My Space, Twitter, Facebook) in one spot. Why log into so many places when you just do this from one place? It is very easy to set up and most of the people who use it love it.


FriendFeed is a social media community where all of the feeds from your other social media communities and blogs can feed into one place. It is a good way to view all of the activity from yourself and friends in one location. In my opinion, the popularity and functionality of Friendfeed remains to be seen- but I certainly believe this kind of social media streamlining is going to become a more important feature in the future.


TweetDeck is an application designed to help you manage your Twitter and Facebook account and lives on your desktop. It would be a huge waste of time for anyone to sit and stare at Twitter all day and navigate from page to page to see if someone has attempted to engage in a conversation. Downloading is simple, simply go to

Why I love it:

  • It consolidates everything into 4 simple columns so you can see everything at once. Column 1: The Tweets of everyone you are following, Column 2: All @Replies that mention you (@yourtwitter username), Column 3: All Direct messages sent to you, Column 4: Facebook Status
  • The fact you can easily manage your accounts from these 4 columns. You can reply, direct message, retweet incoming Tweets that pop up in the first column. If you choose, you can quickly unfollow or view the profile of the person who posted the Tweet.
  • It is relatively simple to use and you can post updates to your Twitter AND Facebook accounts, or just your Twitter account, or just your Facebook account.
  • TweetDeck also provides quick links to other wonderful tools to help you make the most of your the Twittering.

What I do not love about it is the fact someone really needs to be familiar with how Twitter and Facebook works to get good use out of it. If you have no idea how Twitter works, the application will probably not make a lot of sense to you.


Another Twitter Tool that I advise using is HootSuite– “the ultimate Twitter Tool Box”. This is another free application that will allow you to manage your multiple accounts AND schedule your Tweets to post during optimal dates and times.

For example, if you would like to share info about an event in with your community- but fear you may be too busy to post this Tweet during the right time, you can schedule your Tweet to post at the exact time you wish to share the information.

Posting a Tweet in Hootsuite is very simple, plus you can view any @replies to respond to or direct messages.  Hootsuite makes it very easy to reply and Retweet (a practice that is very valuable to building your network). What I love the most about Hootsuite is it makes very simple to shorten a url if you wish to share a link with their url shortener. When you use this wonderful tool- it enables you to pull stats and see how many people clicked on the url (useful information indeed!).

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