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Is Twitter Striking a Deal with Google & Microsoft?

All right all you Twitter Nay-Sayers.…pay attention- this is big.   Last week, the news broke that Twitter is in serious talks with Google and Microsoft about incorporating  their data, or “tweets”, into their Internet search results. The search toolbar added to Twitter earlier this year (allowing users to search for specific keywords used in Tweets in real time) has evolved into very popular method of conducting online searches.  As we have seen from recent major new stories (the Iranian Elections for example) Twitter users are finding key information on the latest news events and happenings in real time.

Why should business owners and marketers care about this developing relationship?  Because Twitter feeds could soon be integrated into the results of search engines- and if you are not using Twitter to connect to major players and influencers in your industry, you might be missing a big opportunity to position your brand to find more search engine traffic once this deal goes through.  I want to share some smart advice I found in What Twitter’s Deal with Google Might Mean for Marketers!

So, what should marketers do? Start connecting with influencers in your industry. Do keyword searches on  and find the influencers relevant to your business. Start sending them resources, responding to their tweets and doing whatever it takes to form relationships. You’ll need them to know about the content you’re creating, find it interesting and hopefully … retweet your stuff.

Great advice- this is a practice marketers ought to be doing any way. 

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