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Is It Enough To Just Add Titles?

Optimizing your site is really just a matter of adding the right titles and meta tags right?

How many times have I heard that? Yes adding titles and meta descriptions is important, but if it were just a matter of that then every site would be number one in Google wouldn’t it?

Having a site show up well in engines takes an understanding of how your site is relevant for the keywords you want to show up for. And then how it stacks up to every other site out there that is also showing up for the keywords you want to show up for. This does not even begin to get into how long the site has been around, where it has links from and how do people use the site once they find it nor any of the other things that engines look at for ranking your site.

Titles do matter, descriptions do matter, but being able to step away from your site and see it objectively matter even more. The search engines are just databases that your site and every other site indexed is a part of. In order to do well in engines you must think like a database. You have heard the old adage “garbage in, garbage out”. You must give the database what it wants in the order it wants it. It may be absolutely clear to you that your site is all about your keyword, but Google may come along and not see that all. Engines, while getting better, are very literal. Everything must be lined up in the right order for engines to see your site as more relevant to the term then all the others trying for that same term. So yes that includes titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords (although in reality those are pretty much overlooked by engines). But it includes so much more. And the “more” depends on how competitive the keyword is.

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