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How to Find Relevant Information and People in Twitter- A Simple Explanation

I frequently come across people who say- “I Just Don’t Get Twitter! What’s the Point? ”  Everyone knows that Twitter is new and popular- but how do you use it to benefit you?  In my head- I know the answer to this question, but I cannot seem to make the right words come out in the right order: “Well…ok, you see, people post tweets…and then you tweet them back…and they find and follow you…and know.  You should do it…it will help your blog and…stuff..because you know…ummm…how can I explain it…uh…I guess…people will find you when you search…them- ach!!”  Not exactly the most helpful advice.

For Twitter newbies- all they see is an endless stream of weird and pointless information. The Twitter guys knew this was a growing issue- so they recently added a search bar on the homepage of Twitter and in your profile page.  See  It’s Official- Twitter is a Search Engine.  Whenever I try to introduce and explain Twitter to somebody who has never used this site before, I am usually met with a glazed over stare that screams- “I have no idea what you are talking about”.

Finally- the wonderful guys at Commoncraft have created a video that explains how we can use Twitter Search so that we are actually benefiting from this huge social network.  I hope this video helps people to understand the value of Twitter- heaven knows that I struggle with explaining it!  Please let me know if you found this to be helpful!

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