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How to Build Fans of Your Facebook Business Page


I must be honest, one of the biggest challenges that I am having as I assist clients with their social media marketing plan is building a strong following and fan base in Facebook.  Facebook is a gold mine of new leads and connections but it can be tough to build that bridge that allows them to easily find and connect with your business. Facebook Business Pages are a valuable method of engaging with fans on a regular basis and building buzz in Social Media Communities.

I recently had a conversation with a fellow marketer who manages a Facebook business page. I was impressed with the large following she has managed to build and asked her about her methods. How was she able to get so many people on Facebook to care enough to become fans? I will share these tips with you!

Step One: Develop a Strategy for your Page.

Build the page with the goal to become a valuable resource to your customers. Nobody joins social networking communities so that they can be advertised to. People do not always care about your product or service. They care about THEIR issues and finding solutions.

Give them a good reason to come to your page. You can use the page to post links to valuable articles, post helpful and interesting videos, photos and other fun updates.

You can also join other Facebook pages and groups similar to yours to see what they were doing. This is a great way to do research and get a feel for what works and what does not work. You will want to participate in these communities by contributing to discussions, answering questions, and share information.

Step Two: Organize the Masses.

After convincing the “powers that be” in your organization that having a Facebook page for your business can be a powerful tool; I recommend organizing the staff to officially launch the page. Explain to everyone that the goal is to become an industry resource for people in your field.

Have a meeting with the entire staff to explain what a Facebook page is and the purpose of it. Outline how you intend to use it and answer questions and address everyone’s concerns.

Encourage the staff to support the page. It is not uncommon to request employees of your company open a Facebook profile and become fans of the page. Perhaps they can help start the momentum by being fans and sending out invitations to their family and friends to be fans as well. You may find that friends and family are more than happy to support the efforts of a company where you are employed.

Step Three: Give reasons for people in Facebook to join and come back to the page.

Do a bit of research each week and post resources in your field. Post relevant links to articles and blog posts that offered helpful advice and tips. Remember- posting on your wall will cause an update to feed into your fans newsfeed on their home page.

I also recommend sending regular fan updates so the existing fans would have a reason to come back to the page. In doing this, you will began to attract more fans. However, do not use the fan updates to be overly promotional and salesy- this could be a turn off to your fans. See this as more of a conversational “hello” and express gratitude to your

Facebook fans for their support. Perhaps you can also gently request they invite people in their network to become a fan of your business page too.
Step Four: Seek any and every opportunity to promote your Facebook page.

Post a link to in the signature of your email (think about how many people you email every day). Request your staff (if possible) to post a link to your Facebook page as well! Post a link to your Facebook Page on your company site AND the blog.

Posting media such as photos and video and tagging them with relevant keywords has been proven to attracts new visitors.

Consider budgeting for a low cost ad campaign to promote your Facebook page through targeted advertising. Lots of businesses have seen positive results from doing this- and have built onto their fan base.

Most importanly, remember that there is no magic program or quick fix to launch a successful Facebook page for your business. While the service is currently free (take advantage while it still is!)- is does require planning and hard work to build your own online community. But the payoff is tremendous!

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5 thoughts on “How to Build Fans of Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Dina

    Thanks for your candor. I have my own fb fan page (for my biz) and have been asked by a client to manage theirs. It does seem a bit tricky.

  2. His_wife25

    But one thing is clear, the discussion of such a possibility happening is not the same as condoning or approving of such a thing. ,

  3. SA Cut Diamond admin

    We too are just getting started with our facebook page and would really like to see if it will help us with our online diamond sales business. I think a key ellement to jumping into this medium is that of dedication. I have seen so many Fan pages that are stagnant and we need to ensure that we dedicate the time to it to make it a success!

    Thanks for your great input!

  4. Valerie

    i can not figure out how to request fans on my page? i can request friends but i can not request fans??? what am i doing wrong…can you help!!!! lol

    thank you

  5. Amy

    Hi Valerie-

    To my knowledge- the only direct way to invite people to join the page is to “Suggest to Friends”. So invite all of your contacts (i.e. Facebook Friends) to join- which you already know about. This is why I encourage business owners to get a Facebook profile and add as many contacts they can!

    Encourage them to support your page and invite their contacts to join- don’t be shy!! You can always go into “Edit Page” and send updates to your fans giving them news and information…and always give them that call to action to support their page.

    If you have more than 25 fans- you can give your page an easy to remember url like: for example. To do this- go to Now you can promote your page in newsletters and other materials. Share your page name at every opportunity you can!!

    Finally- post a link to your page on your Website and I would send a link to your email database if you have one.

    Good luck! Thanks for your question!

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