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Facebook Marketing 101: How to Verify Your Business Page

Savvy business owners and marketers understand the importance of implementing best practices when it comes to your Facebook marketing. The problem is, “best practices” as we know them are continually shifting on this ever-changing platform and will likely change even more in light of the Cambridge Analytica incident.

Even if you are an experienced Facebook user, it never hurts to review the basics from time to time to make sure your business Page is set up correctly. For that reason, we’re introducing a series of quick answers to common questions asked by people who manage a Facebook business Page in our Facebook Marketing 101 series. Hope this helps!

Question: How do I get my Facebook Page verified?

Great question. Let’s start by addressing WHY you need to verify your Page on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how large or small the brand, a verified business page has more credibility and better search results overall. Although you are not required to get your Page verified, verification badge lets your audience know you’re authentic. Please note that your personal account is not eligible for verification, only certain business pages.

Now, that we’ve established the benefits of getting your Facebook Page verified, it’s time to go into the HOW to get your Page verified.

First, you must be an admin of the page, which means you must also have a Facebook profile. If you are not already an admin, reach out to the person who manages your business page and either #1- forward them this post and tell them to get your page verified or #2- ask them to go into settings and change your page role to “Administrator” which will give you full access to the page settings.

If you’re an admin and your business Page is active and up to date, it may be eligible for a verification badge. To verify your page:

Go to your page settings and select “Verify this Page” under “Page Verification”.
How to Verify a Business Page
You can choose to have your page verified by your business number.  Enter your business’s publicly listed phone number and hit the “Call Me Now” button. Your phone will ring and you will be given a 4 digit code to enter on the next screen.

How to Verify a Business Page
If you do not have access to the company phone, or prefer to verify your Page with a business document, select the “Verify this Page with documents instead” at the bottom. You will be given a list of acceptable documents to submit in order to prove that you are an authentic person representing the page.  The official document has to show your business’s name and address.

How to Verify a Business Page

After Facebook receives your 4 digit verification code or business document, they will review your Page info to confirm that it matches public records and will send you a notification or email about your verification status within a few days.

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