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Earning a Ranking

Like all good marketing companies we read a lot of articles and blogs from people in our industry. The other day I read an article comparing black hat SEO and white hat. It was all the usual remarks about black hat techniques jeopardizing the client’s site and white hat SEO taking a long time. But then he said something that caught my attention. He said websites have to earn their placement in search engines. And I realized that is exactly where we are most helpful to clients; we help them grow their site in all the ways that help earn that ranking.

One day I am on the phone talking about the importance of reviews with a longstanding client and the next day I am discussing keyword research and adding titles and text links to a new client’s site.

There is no magic with search engine ranking nor are there any quick turnarounds. You can’t optimize a site and then walk away saying done. Even if it is done perfectly, you will always see something you can add or subtract. You can’t pay to have a zillion links to your site and check search engine marketing off your list. You can’t get a Facebook page and twitter account and start promoting your page and expect great placement, nor can you add 50 articles about your topic and call it a day. All of this things play a role in your placement in engines. And all of these things, and several hundred more are a part of earning your search engine ranking.

A good SEO campaign is really never ending. Each month we look at a client’s site from all angles. And we identify and build out those areas where we see the site is the weakest. One month we will look at it as a user. And ask how can we make it clearer how to navigate the site, or does this text really say enough about the product to make me want to buy it?
What is the bounce rate for that page? Another month we may be figuring out why the Google shopping feed is not getting as many sales as last year or how to grow their fans in Facebook. It is all part of Internet marketing and it is all part of SEO.

Our clients get harassed by online companies loudly offering one of these services as if it will solve their problem and they will suddenly have great placement and great sales. We just sigh and say no that will not happen, let’s get back to work. Because that is what it takes to make a site show up well in engines and stay there. Plain, simple, continuous work. As unglamorous as that sounds.

But if you come across an online offer to lose weight immediately with some new product I just have to buy, send it on to me, please. I just know there is an easy way out there I just haven’t found it yet.

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