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Changes in the Plan

I am putting together a marketing plan for a new website for a customer I have had for years. His products are offered by a lot of companies and competes with sites like He has always done well in search, but over the last year or so has started slipping. Partly due to site issues but partly due to not staying current in changes to search.

When we talk , we talk about titles and text on pages and text links. He does have a blog but it is not used often and does not really push any boundaries. The readers digest version of a blog I call it. He is using both Facebook and Twitter. And does spend time on that. We do PPC although if we just look at sales the only PPC that is a great value are shopping feeds.

And while our conversations these days  includes 301 redirects and optimization and sitemaps,  all must haves for moving a site. We have not yet had the real conversation about changes in SEO, sales and the Internet. That is coming tomorrow. My list of marketing projects all begin with the same message be authentic, add to the online conversation, engage, get reviews, talk, have value. As an SEO person I am having to steer clients directly into the social world. He is being talked about on Reddit. We need to be there and answer. We need to engage Facebook users more, Google + users,  we need a newsletter that is shareable, work on blog posts that say something different about a new product. it takes a lot of energy to do this kind of marketing, but it makes a huge difference in search, plus social media has its own merit in getting the word out about you, your company, and your ideals. At his suggestion we are talking about the culture of his customers, that is a great lead in to all of the places we must be to engage them, and how will we engage them.   No more hiding behind titles and meta descriptions. It is not that they don’t matter, they still do, but it is that they don’t matter as much as they used too.  It is time to work, and work harder than doing keyword research.  But if I can get him to buy in, and I suspect he will he is an incredible business man,  I can see the profits  from here.

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